I Am That I Am

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Understanding Metaphysics

When you take a pot of water and light a flame to it and bring the water to a boil, the misinformed may say that the water has disappeared. An informed person would understand the water has changed form. So it is with the spirit, breath of life or the energy within man. When this body expires life or energy it changes form…

Esoteric and Exoteric – Esoteric means Hidden or Unseen. Exoteric means on the surface that is a phenomenal.


I know I am that I will be. So that whatever now I am expressing has to be apart of me. I believe from that premise. I go by what I feel. In short, I trust instinct. Instinct, which is the highest in man. Instinct is an expression of divine intelligence.

So if I am suppose to be the crown of all creation, my instinct is actually a direct link-up with what is suppose to be called our Creator.

Thought is the thread of Devine mind as it begins to weave the tapestry of life into existence. Therefore, we are god folded over on itself. When is say I am god… I am the expression… The fact that I am that I am, the Unknowable.

I overstand that I am sharing in a personality of the I am that I am. I am sharing the I am that I will be personality. So now in that being-ness I am expressing that fact that I am god folded over on itself. I am god realized… I am the part that God did not know of itself.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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