30 Something

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30 Something

Beware of the Women that is approaching 30/40 – Step aside, this career minded first creature for this woman is watching her biological clock. She plans to deceive to conceive. She will conspire to transpire her creation. Oh yes, my friend the sand is running out of her hourglass and she has you in her sights. Tick tock, tick tock.

When you meet her-her mind is already made up, that you are the one and you never had a chance once in her sight. For the most part love has nothing to do with it. For her it’s all about getting what is owed to her. Besides, everybody else in her family is already married and people are beginning to think something is wrong with her.

Boy, you may think you’ve chosen her but let it be crystal clear, she choose you long before you had a clue. She doesn’t change she only make adjustments. Let’s call her 30 something. At the tender age of 30 she transforms her Master Degree into a polished playbook and become an NFL All-Star quarterback carrying out a 2-minute drill with a new outlook upon 4th down with 15 yards to go. Even Tom Brady would be impressed with her skills. Once she approach the line she will use an audible to change the play to stun the defense; shouting out “Blue 36” “Looking for a fine, handsome man with good credit, has his own house, job, transportation, bank account, loves the lord and he pays his bills on time” hike, hike (The defense gets confused and calls a time out).

Her entire life has amounted to getting out of the 4th quarter ahead on points but right now she is down by a touchdown and almost any man will do right about now. 30/40 something has a crazy game plan with a playbook that would amaze most NFL coaches. 30/40 something stays in a sick shotgun stance, to avoid the blitz or stack. To this beast, I mean for 30/40 something, there is no time to run the ball with retirement around the corner. In her mind It’s all or nothing. If she loses this game she will be licking her wounds and be bitter forever. I know you know this chick, you see her every day by herself. What is her name, her name is 30 something and she’s watching her biological clock.

Today her name is 20 something, 20 something and tired. Sad it is how the victims get younger and younger by the decades. With all of the examples the world has to offer she still doesn’t get it. Why doesn’t she, you ask because in her mind it can never happen to her so she thinks? It happens to other people. (In my believe it if you wanna voice) “Right? Right…”

Life is serious and it is not a game. This current mindset, may affect and destroy another person’s future. This may not be you but I am sure you know this kind of person. She is my sistah, my mother or aunt, she lives next door, she is a co-worker or she is part of your crew. She’s your best friend whom is watching her biological clock tick tock, tick tock with no plans to adopt.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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