Creating Your Own Nest

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A true bachelor has his own. He puts God first and he has knowledge of self. He is well read, well traveled, and he has his own means of transportation, he makes his own money, he has his own bank account and he does not have to lie to a woman about dating others.  With confidence he places all that he has become comfortably on the table for close review. He is fully aware that a good man is hard to find and because of this fact he is humble.

                                    Promise To Have Something To Offer

So often we as men leave home only to enter the home of another woman before creating our own nest. That’s the Mother to Mommy syndrome. This is one of the pit falls that we hand to ourselves. You must prove to yourself that you are capable in taking care of you before you take on the responsibility of taking care of someone else. It is so important that we as men go out into the world and furnish our own house, keep food in the cabinets and refrigerator; making sure your bathroom has all the essentials. It is so important to know what it is to pay rent of your own. There is something about having your name on the lease that emancipates a MAN. Having money means nothing unless you are a responsible person.

When you have your own you will no longer have to compromise your freedom. You will no longer be held at the mercy of others. Nobody can tell you to leave your own place, except the bank or landlord, when you don’t pay your rent or your mortgage. In short, there is nothing like having your own.  It is also equally important that a man can provide for himself meaning he does not rely on a woman to cook for him; he is able to clean or wash is own clothes and keep his house in proper order.

We should have something first before we try to chase after a woman and have only excuses to offer. Remember having potential only means ‘nothing is happening right now”. Therefore we must invest in ourselves to make our personal stock value become greater than it currently is. Never take short cuts.  Short cuts only amount to short cut results and you will never be satisfied with coming up short.

I feel I can express this thought openly because I was this boy thinking I was a man, when I wasn’t even close to being a man by definition. For years I thought with the mindset of womanizing equaling to emancipation, but i was sadly mistaken. At what time do we get tire of hearing the words “Get Out”? In the past I bounced from one woman to the next especially when things got hot. I thought juggling multiple women made me a man and amplified my manhood. On the real, I’ve just became a man 6 years ago and when I look back on my life i now realize I didn’t even have a clue as to what I was doing and how it affected the women, families and people in my life. There’s a saying, “The streets is a watchin”. Please beware of the little dudes that look up to you thinking to themselves that you are da ish and that they want to be like you. Correct the wrong FAM. They never know that you are fake and you are living a lie, acting as if everything is all good when it’s not ALL GOOD.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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