Saddle Up Baby

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He was cool and smooth when you met him right? And you knew he was already with someone else. Ring or no ring he told you the deal. Yet you still played the game. You heard him loud and clear but you decided to ignore the most important part. You had seen him from a distance and you wanted it for yourself. Let’s be real, you are out for self cause you believe its your time to shine.

He has a family already and he takes good care of them-them and the household, but he is hollering at you. At this point you should be well aware of your role and what’s written on your forehead. You should have stayed in your lane and over communicated, but you were too thirsty to drink from his offering. He told you he was going to leave her right but he didn’t. You gave him some play and now your belly is swollen with one on the way, right? Right…

Saddle Up Baby

Saddle Up Baby

Now that your child is born he does not come around like he use to, his time is pressed, but you knew the deal. In fact he rarely calls, now. Now you have an attitude and you curse him with every thought. You tell your child that his father is no good and he aint ish. You dog his father every chance you get but what about you?

Instead, why not tell your child the truth. Tell your child that his father takes care of his other family. Tell your child that he is a good man and that you were just some side play for the weekend. Tell your child you were a hoe and you have made some hoe mistakes. Tell your child you played yourself. Tell your child you thought you would trap him but it did not work as planed. Tell your child you are sorry for not being the woman you needed to be. Tell your child that you love him/her and that if you did things right maybe his father would be around to return & share the love.

Sounds familiar? Sounds like your story? Huh! It may not be you but it sure is someone you know. This is what happens when you play to win but come up short. You played with the Las Vegas rules in mind “Scared money make no money” but came up Craps. Saddle up baby, daddy’s home.

My dudes we play a roll in this so don’t be that brother and know how our actions affect others and how they can destroy entire families and flip their world upside down.

To my beautiful sista’s in my mind you are first born, the root of my tree (I am nothing without you) and you should know better than this, Mother. What happen to your beautiful garden? Why didn’t you water it properly? What is going on in the world that you created? Baby gurl what clouds your vision?

In short, babe we both have to do better we owe it to ourselves and to our family no matter what know and trust that I love you despite it all, forever and that you can change what’s written on your forehead.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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