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The Greatest Gift Is Love

Are you on your job? Are you willing to go the extra mile for your career? While in an interview a person will be on their best behavior. From the very beginning they will dress to impress, smile and appear alert. You make sure you get that fresh hair cut because you must be on point for this one. You choose the best fragrance assuring you smell the best you can and you lay out your favorite suit that commands respect.

You make sure you arrive early and are willing to put in the overtime to guarantee the job gets done. In short, most people will do all that it takes to get the job or to keep their position. You make sure you cover all angles because you can’t afford any slip-ups. Some will lie and many will cheat only a few will do almost anything to present a stellar resume to secure employment.

People will go to all measures to keep a job all for the love of money. Even if you hate your job many, if not all, will handle and deal with their hardship due to the paycheck that come at the end of the week. In the right hand you have a tightly clinched fist full of dollars. Meanwhile, in the left hand you tip the scale instead of balancing the scale with a loved one’s heart.

Is it the same when it come to our personal relationships? Shouldn’t it be the same or maybe the question should be asked, what do you value more? Whether it is a girlfriend, love affair or it may even be your husband/wife. Do we put the same energy into our relationship(s) as we do if it were our job or career? What we do to keep a job/career may not be the same for many especially when it comes to our relationship with a loved one. Many of us we will do almost anything to keep money rolling in but what about doing what we have to do to keep love rolling in our life? Some will spend incredible time and put in unbelievable effort in planning a wedding, an event that will only last for a short moment but will not put in the same effort to keep their marriage afloat.

Why are we so quick to throw our hands up when it come to love but at the same time we present thick skin when it comes to work? Why will most hold on for dear life to a dead end job but will fire a Sistah or Brutha if they don’t act right? What message are we broadcasting to others? What does this way of life say about us, and our values? What does this morally reflect about our collective state of humanity?

We need love as well as the need for finance, don’t we? Money means nothing unless you have someone to share it with, right? A piece of paper out weighing a human being is questionable. I thought it’s not about whom you spend your Friday nights with but rather whom you spend all day Saturday with for the rest of our lives.

Do we collectively love our job/career more than the person that we are supposed to be in love with? I mean, I know we have to pay your bills but why can’t the person that you are in love with get the same respect and appreciation? If you bust your butt on the job why don’t we do the same while at home before we are offered the couch and then the front door?

What we do to attract a woman or man in our life I’d like to think we are suppose to continue to do so, in order to keep them in your lives.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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