Heaven Is At The Foot Of Mother

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Heaven Is At The Foot Of Mother

Over the years people have often asked me about my tag at the bottom of my threads. It displays how I feel about women and the role she plays. It’s simply my way of saluting her greatness.

To me she is like the root of a tree, which is kept underground unseen. Separate the root from the tree and the tree dies. Separate the tree from the root and it’s the root that has the possibility to spring forth another tree. Together we create the fruit the tree bares.

In short, I’m nothing without my root. When I want to speak to God in many ways our creator speaks to us through her if we listen carefully. Women are the first love, the first god (goddess) a child comes in contact with until it becomes aware of something else. Women are the world’s best example of HEAVEN. Only she can cycle blood, produce milk and spring forth a nation and dictate the direction of that nation.

When in her right mind heaven is at the foot of Mother.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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