• Pissed

    This is fo the bitch azz muthaphucka that had the audacity to call the next nicca askin questions about a Brutha and their girl.  Questions like.  What you be callin fo?  Why you be textin her, though?  What’s goin on wit you and my girl?  Listen up lil bitch, I’m only gonna say it once.  Anytime you… Continue Reading

  • The Boom-Boom Effect

     The Boom-Boom Effect His picture captured her attention but it was his words that obtained her arousal. Lady stood in the background deep within the shadows of the room finally mustering enough courage to let him know that the boom-boom effect exists. On the 1st night she greeted him at the door wearing a wife… Continue Reading

  • Soaking Wet

    At the tender age of four she was molested, raped and held captive for four days. During that time her stepfather taught her how to ride the pony and showed her rodeo tricks while balancing her on his third leg. He taught her how to hold her breath and how to breathe through her nose.… Continue Reading

  • Her 90 Day Rule Before I Can Smash?

    FOREPLAY As I approach my 4th year of celibacy my birthday and yet another holiday pass, the emptiness and the loneliness begin to set in and grow. So, I dream of a White Christmas minus the snow. You are my Alaye (A-lay-he), God has blessed me… I trust you with my life… You are my… Continue Reading

  • Ferguson: Michael Brown, Civil Unrest & Change

    CNN televised the fiery passionate expression of a people in great despair. Poor people, angry, disenfranchised citizens of Missouri, Ferguson living and witnessing the American experiment. It was a day of shame that imbrue the fabric of our national conscious.  This greasy spot will be forever burned on the entire nations memory.  Malcolm X, my… Continue Reading

  • I Don’t Need You

    She pays the light bill, the food, the car note, her student loan, the gas and the rent. All from one paycheck. She thinks to herself, why are you here? Other than making babies what is he good for? I Don’t Need You Your woman doesn’t smile at you like she use to anymore.  There’er times you don’t… Continue Reading

  • The Dumb Shit Men Do

    Beauty is a beast all by itself but a good woman, an educated woman is the type of woman that make a man storm the beach or die trying. Ah yeah, you already know who I be, constantly doin me, sliding through your hood on that dumb shit fo all to see. You know I stay true… Continue Reading

  • Child Support: Anger, Bitterness & Spitefulness

     The good ole relationship and the days of Nana and Poppa are long behind us.  Almost nobody is retiring from a job after 20 years and only a few can say they worked at one place for as long to retire from.  The same can be said about lasting relationships.  Child Support: Anger, Bitterness & Spitefulness Today, in this microwave… Continue Reading

  • Harlem Fetish: All Shapes & Sizes

    Some women are devastatingly beautiful to look at, to hold in your arms and to definitely dream about. They come in all shapes and sizes. Only one will capture and hold his attention. This is Harlem Thick – The Killah Small Waist, Hips & Lips This is Harlem Bubble – Which Only Means Trouble This is Harlem Fantasy –  Birthday… Continue Reading

  • Dear God…

    Dear God What have you placed in my hands? Please help me understand why I am the way that I am. I have so much room for improvement. I’m in desperate need to have you close to me… Why am I a horrible father? Why was I a horrible husband? Why am I a poor… Continue Reading

  • A Labor Day Salute – Samson Styles

    On this day we take the time to recognize greatness and salute a man, a father, a husband, a grandfather and a friend to many. This incredible Brutha put in more than his share of work and is long overdue for this acknowledgement. Walk with me… To know the man one must embrace his story.… Continue Reading

  • Hidden Colors: While Eating Shrimp

    There’s a direct relationship between going to prison, owning businesses, and corporations. Knowing the difference when calling it scrimp while eating shrimp, is priceless.    Build your castle one floor at a time.  1st Floor: Businesses & Industries = Economics There’s a direct relationship between having a business and being in prison. Go and find 7-8 Asians… Continue Reading

  • Sweet Young Love

    Young Women & Older Women Nah, nicca I’m an ole man.  Getting money and having sex is everything.  At this point and time what do I look like tryin to phuck wit a chick my age? That’s like forcing two fat people to be together. Have you ever seen two big people sit together in… Continue Reading

  • Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

    Although the hospital’s psych ward had a much better view it was the state that picked up the tab on Jack Binder’s gated community, a private room which included meals and an indoor/outdoor weight room, up in Attica. Jack’s scheduled to be moved from main population and into isolation quarters later in the week. The… Continue Reading

  • Marriage: Is Overrated

    Young man being married is overrated. Don’t be fooled and save yourself the trouble of finding out the hard way. Stay single for as long as possible and keep your money in your pocket. Save, invest, put it in an IRA and 401K account but don’t you ever put your money in the hands of… Continue Reading

  • What’s My Name?

    What’s My Name? You already know who she be. Dressed up, strapped up and tatted up. Girlfriend’s from the block. She could suck the guts out of a pickle, leave nothing but the skin, spit the seeds out and hold the rest in her mouth and wipe her chin. Bandana type wearin, homie she rocked… Continue Reading

  • The Making Of A Monster “Jack Frost Binder”

    And Pastor Earl said… “Your contributions, all of your contributions are greatly appreciated. We thank you ever so much for your kind gesture”. Pastor Earl was sweating like a stuff pig. He licked his lips as he watched the offering plate change hands. He started doing the hungry, fat man dance, rockin side to side… Continue Reading

  • A Long Distance Kiss

    A Long Distance Kiss She instantly appeared and it was love at first view and click. A keeper of many, she is… He didn’t bother to ask how she found him as both heads turned and focused. It was more than an Instagram affection which led to his erection. Brutha felt warm all ova as… Continue Reading

  • Buckhead Suites

    She complained about having neck and back pain.  As they walked to the room she was rubbing her neck showing him where it was tight. She opened the door and said come in and close the door behind you.  She walked directly to the bedroom and started to get undressed. He placed her bags on… Continue Reading

  • Tre Crinack

    Tre Crinack I often wonder about the monotonous lifestyle some people live and encounter. I consciously ponder more about women that inherit Sisyphus Lot and how heavy the weight of reality must have been for my neighbor Tracey, a single mother of three and pregnant, again. This woman played a vital role in my youth… Continue Reading

  • Cookie

    Cookie Some people drink milk and with their cake and cookies. Just so you know, this chick blends ice cream, cake and cookies and call it a smoothie. 5’-4”, 265lbs and growing, I mean evolving and get this, her nick name is Cookie.  WTF!  More like The Cookie Monsta.  If another woman name her child… Continue Reading

  • Boo Lovin

    Act 1 The scent of Egyptian Musk burns and fills the room. The sudsy water, the candles flicker as the bubbles danced. The vibration intensified Honey sounds became electric. (Oh, yes) Mommy’s stomach started contracting, Her legs spread open and began to shake. The first explosion erupted The magnificent and the beneficent unfold. The sight… Continue Reading

  • Girlfriend

    When a man stops trying to give his woman the world and all that she deserves and he simply stops trying. It’s called loosing interest.  When a woman steps out on a man especially when he’s full of lies and deceit.  That’s not called cheating.  It’s called common sense as she moves forward with her… Continue Reading

  • Peach Bunny Mama

    I post blogs on this one website that will remain forever nameless. The site has a chat room for bloggers and I sometimes will enter the room, pull up a chair and watch the fireworks, while I’m in between writing. Why did this sistha try to put me on blast just because I didn’t notice… Continue Reading

  • Champagne Popin

    Honey is talented, fearless, passionate about the world and her art.  However, Brutha can’t forget how he met sistah.  She was on the outside looking in.  He had made his moves and living working in the music industry.  During the past few years Brutha is no longer apart of the industry, relocated to Atlanta and has placed his past far behind… Continue Reading

  • Fire & Ice

    This is fire. I’ve been looking for you all my life. Trust me, I see you too, boo. This is what I will run home to. She is the ice in my cup. She is absolutely da buzz of my Patron. This is all the alcohol I will ever need. She’s more than a glass to hold.… Continue Reading

  • A Painful Price

        A woman that walks around all day in stylish, painful shoes which hurt her feet is foolish, selfish and insecure.  She could careless just as long as she looks good in them.  This type of pedigree of a woman speaks volumes; a person that will do anything for attention.  She’s a master at… Continue Reading

  • Boo Lovin

    Act 1 The scent of Egyptian Musk burns and fills the room. The sudsy water, the candles flicker as the bubbles danced. The vibration intensified Honey sounds became electric. (Oh, yes) Mommy’s stomach started contracting, Her legs spread open and began to shake. The first explosion erupted The magnificent and the beneficent unfold. The sight… Continue Reading

  • The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

    In the dirty world of business sometimes winning is by surrendering. “Beware of the free lunch for everything has a price”. He has a face made for radio and his golden voice is tailor made for The Bravo Channel. His family sent him to boarding school for a good education and they paid for him… Continue Reading

  • I’ll Take The Ugly Chick

    I’ll Take The Ugly Chick For the past 13 years Brutha has been working his butt off and had little to show for it. He started to dive himself into his work and made the decision to change his lackadaisical tendencies and focus on what’s most important which is happiness. Some have given praises calling… Continue Reading

  • Happy Birthday!

    Brutha pours some Moe-wezy into two champagne glasses. For the chaser he then places a bottle of Patreeze on the counter to ride shotgun. She snacks on a bowl of Hersey covered strawberries, as the steamed aroma of fresh butter garlic shrimp in the kitchen waits. As Teena Marie’s song “My Body’s Hungry” plays in… Continue Reading

  • Driving Mz Hazel

    After Mz. Hazel left Brutha couldn’t get her out of his mind. He wanted to send for her return. I want to take off her clothes, place her on the bed and go low, lick her entire body real slow, and taste all of her sweetness. When she met him she was upfront with Brutha… Continue Reading

  • Sweetie

    Act 1 Her stallion stance was overwhelming he licked his lips and looked away trying to master his smooth. If he had hair on the back of his neck it would be standing on end. Sweetie closed her eyes envisioning his full lips with great anticipation, holding and pushing his head down hoping he would… Continue Reading

  • Sunshine

    When a woman has many men calling on her, trying to attract her attention, maybe even taking her on trips, out to fancy places and purchasing expensive gifts. It means more than the world to me to find that she truly only has eyes for me. I was caught of guard when she entered the… Continue Reading

  • Paying It Forward

    When I graduated from high school, entered college and became aware of the fact that I had been mis-educated, I began to assume the responsibility for reeducating myself. Every person has two forms of education. One is the one that is given to him/her the other, which he gives to himself. The latter is by… Continue Reading

  • Baby Girl

    As candles, incents and oils burning downstairs.  Upstairs the slow jams played creating an atmosphere of passion and lust.  Baby Gurls clothes somehow dropped onto the floor.  He caressed and passionately kissed every centimeter of her body, softly and very slowly.  Rubbing his face against her face, gently rolling his tongue down her neck around… Continue Reading

  • Heaven Is At The Foot Of Mother

    Over the years people have often asked me about my tag at the bottom of my threads. It displays how I feel about women and the role she plays. It’s simply my way of saluting her greatness. To me she is like the root of a tree, which is kept underground unseen. Separate the root… Continue Reading

  • Girl He’s Fine

    Yes I am trifling but it sure feels good lying up in your bed while you are at work, smokin a blunt. Lol, and who’s the fool? I am full of potential which only means; nothing is happening right now and I am trying to get with you cause you got it going on. That’s… Continue Reading

  • LeBron James: The Resuscitator

    The Cav’s look scary.  Should LBJ bring a title to Cleveland not only would this become an historic event for a dead city he would then have nothing more to prove by staying, LeBron James would then be considered, in chess terms, a “Knight” for hire.  LeBron James: The Liberator of Dead and lost Cities. He can rebuild them,… Continue Reading

  • A Moment Of Pain…

    A moment of pain is a lifetime of glory.  A Moment Of Pain Brutha didn’t realize the impact of this quote until he thought about what it took to lose the 60lbs that was needed. This may have saved and extended his life.  It also allowed a light bulb to register, which symbolized the pain and the… Continue Reading

  • The Meaning Of Life…

    The Meaning Of Life The meaning of life is to discover your gift. The purpose of life is to never keep it to yourself but to share your gift with the world.  Your life should be filled with meaning and full of purpose which serves as inspiration for all that witness your blessing.  Those that… Continue Reading